A new urban barn-style store

COMMERCE. In the presence of guests and dignitaries, members of the Martel family, owners of Ferme des Voltigeurs, celebrated the official opening of the 4th Ferme des Voltigeurs store in Drummondville. This new urban barn-style store located at 1240 Lemire Boulevard will open its doors to customers on Thursday, April 6 at 8 a.m.

For its CEO Dominique Martel, this neighbourhood store is an accessible destination for the entire population. In other words, a place where workers and professionals, as well as small and large families will benefit from the vast choice of products offered in Ferme des Voltigeurs’ stores. "We are committed to providing quality, savoury and diverse poultry products," said Martel.

A variety of products from third-party suppliers will also complete Ferme des Voltigeurs' offer. A meal stopover of about twenty places will allow customers to eat on the spot the meals cooked in single-serve packages. This new point of sale will create eight jobs.

Always attentive to its customers, the fourth Ferme des Voltigeurs’ store will be open seven days a week so that people can always enjoy quality food that is affordable and enhances the food offered in the area.